Orca & Grizzly Bear Tours

August 2018 • 7 days/6 nights • 6 guests • $2750 CAD + tax

Orca & Grizzly Bear Tours

Sailing and Wildlife Viewing in Bute Inlet and Blackfish Sound

Our Orca & Grizzly Bear Tours offer guests a luxurious wildlife viewing experience.

The focus of our Orca & Grizzly Bear tours are largely based in the waterways between the Northeast end of Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. The various glacial fjords and prosperous upwelling systems in this area are teaming with our targeted wildlife and breathtaking British Columbian landscapes.

Bute Inlet & Blackfish Sound Map

This particular region of British Columbia’s coastline offers some of the most scenic waterways in the world. The fjords like Bute and Jarvis inlet have surrounding mountainscapes that rise a staggering 9,000ft above sea level. The glacier-carved inlet’s are full of massive waterfalls and freshwater estuaries that distribute the sediment rich glacier waters right into the sea, painting the water a brilliant turquoise colour. The majority of our grizzly bear viewing opportunities will take place in the fjordlands. Guests will have numerous opportunities to explore the grizzly estuaries, either from our 10ft zodiac tender, or have the option to go on one of the locally operated grizzly bear viewing tours to bear viewing pens or guided river walks.

During our down time between fishing, foraging, setting and pulling traps, guests will also be able to spend time wildlife viewing. Barkley After a few days of exploring the fjords and grizzly territory, we will make our way into the waterways of the Inside Passage, visiting iconic places like Blackfish Sound, the Broughton Archipelago, and more. BlackFish Sound is a renowned feeding destination for a variety of coastal marine and terrestrial wildlife. Resident and transient orca populations frequent the area and often we will get a chance to view their active predation and hunting techniques. Humpbacks are also commonly found here feeding in the eddies of the strong tidal currents. It is not unusual to see as many as 20 individual humpback whales in a day. Other species habituating this area are seals, sea lions, bald eagles, pacific white-sided dolphins, black bears, harbour/dalls porpoises and coastal wolves.

  Expedition Vessel Type: Sailboat

Expedition Vessel Type: Sailboat

With activities like salmon fishing, prawning and crabbing, guests will learn about local seafood and get to enjoy gourmet cuisine along the way. All food is locally sourced and paired with B.C. wines and local craft beer.

A naturalist/biologist will be joining this expedition.

Expeditions include all meals, snacks and wine/beer with dinner.

Also available as a sea kayaking expedition.

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2018 Schedule & Rates

$2,750/person+tax  •  6 guests • 7 Days / 6 Nights

August 15-21 –Spaces Available

August 23-29 – Spaces Available

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